About OAF

The Oregon Angel Fund (OAF) is a community supported, professionally managed, investor driven angel fund. The fund provides investors privileged access to the most promising startups and early-stage growth companies in Oregon and SW Washington. Founded in 2007, OAF has grown to become the most active local venue for funding startups in terms of both participants and dollars invested.

OAF launches a new $5 million fund each calendar year. Employing a rigorous and disciplined due diligence process, each annual fund aims to make 4-7 investments over a 12-month active investing period, followed by another 9 years of fund life to grow and exit each portfolio. The fund targets to invest $100K to $850K per deal with individual OAF members and venture capital funds often investing alongside and after OAF.

Each fund's one-year investment horizon is designed to solicit deal flow and encourage investor decision-making, diversification, and learning. OAF’s active members collaborate in small teams to research, select, and manage the portfolio of investments. Participating investors in OAF are some of the region's most successful and respected business and technology leaders, including professional investors, VCs, serial entrepreneurs, and active and retired executives. Some 85% of OAF investors have led or founded a business.

The Oregon Community Foundation invests $750K and the Oregon Growth Account invests $1.5M annually in OAF, with the gains from the state’s investments supporting public education in Oregon.

OAF collaborates with the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network and receives generous support from Ater Wynne LLP, Geffen Mesher & Co., Perkins Coie LLP, and Umpqua Private Bank.